What you missed at the ASF 3rd annual Day of Learning

If you couldn’t make it to the ASF Day of Learning last week, this week’s podcast provides a 10 minute summary. Not the same as being there, but it will do. We will have videos of each presentation up soon, but this provides a quick recap. Researchers from basic science, translational research and those with a clinical perspective provided 12 minute summaries of different research areas. This included studying autism behaviors in mice, the role of single gene disorders to autism where there are hundreds of genes involved, understanding anxiety and technologies in the classroom to mitigate stress reactions, understanding recurrence of autism in the children of siblings with ASD, and resilience in females. The podcast also includes pictures from the event.

2 thoughts on “What you missed at the ASF 3rd annual Day of Learning

  1. It might be just me but the streaming of the podcast was pretty choppy and stopped for me. I downloaded the .mp4 and about half way through it kept going but with no audio.

    • We tried something different this week and added some pictures, we won’t do it again, but keep trying.

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