Resources and Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

Thank you to Sonia Agarwal, smart, efficient and eloquent ASF summer intern for putting together a summary of resources and services and rights for adolescents and young adults with autism, focusing on those who are not intellectually disabled.  They include resources for transitioning into college and support programs at college, with tips and hints along the way.  Sonia has a younger brother with autism and is committed to helping families access the help they need.

Someone please determine the real prevalence of autism.

Media coverage of the new CDC study focused on the new study which used a telephone survey for another prevalence estimate of autism.  This one closer to 2% or 1 in 45.  The study is far from perfect, but it does beg the question:  what is the REAL number?  How many people with autism are there?  The answer is too many, and all those people need help of some kind. You can read the full article here: NHSR87.   Second, a summary of a presentation by David Mandell of University of Pennsylvania who explains what needs to happen to get those great interventions developed in the clinic to the community school systems, where they are needed.